BMW 4 Series F36 coupe – the Feeling of Luxury

BMW 4 itself is the chic. The cabin is big and spacious, the seats are leather and the general outlook is just excellent. When you sit in the car, you feel a high level of comfort, a sense as if you sit not in a car but in a plane of the new generation. The seats are very comfortable. BMW 4 Series sounds nice, but at the same time silently.

The driving characteristics are staggering. At high speed the car manages the turns very easily, it moves quickly and vigorously. The BMW 4 Series has a good stabilization system, when you enter into a steep turn it feels as if the car aligns itself.

Despite the low-slung the car permeability is high. On a winter road it drives as easy as in summer, the difference is almost not felt. Steering wheel turns gently, without any effort, you can switch the speed with one finger.

When you sit down on the driver seat your eyes immediately catch a large control panel with all sorts of buttons. There are a lot of functions in BMW 4, all at once are really hard to describe. For example, among them is the interior lighting package, as well as heated seats (in winter is a very good thing).