Car Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro S Tronic 550 Hp Coupe – Just Great!

If you happen to see this car on the street you will be amazed with its design, and if you are lucky to drive it, than you will definitely appreciate its comfort, interior, and engine, and will enjoy all the delights of this sports car.

The very appearance is fascinating; every passerby will stop to have a closer look of the car. Most impressive part of the front is grille and headlights: aggressive, but at the same time attractive “look” of the car.

The cabin can’t also go unnoticed: it is done in sports style with quality leather trim; all this results in a true delight when you sit in the car. The car boasts with sport steering wheel with control buttons and a symbol of the brand, the instrument panel also in exclusive sports style, robotic transmission, and audio system. The door on the driver side is simple but tasteful, long, but easy to open.

When you sit in Audi R8 you feel like a hero of the movie and the most interesting thing starts when you just turn the key. In the city it is hard to check the full engine power, so outside the town you can fully test it. The car is very comfortable, fast and great; but quite expensive.