Car Ford Explorer SUV Meets all Expectations

It is a great 4x4 car, almost with no deficiencies. It attracts attention with its appearance and dynamics, with rear view camera and auto-parking. Outwardly it is very beautiful and a little audacious, created by designer projecting the SUV Range Rover. At the maximum, not with the sports equipment, it has 294 horses under the hood, which, coupled with the all-wheel drive and relatively not large weight is not bad.

What is particularly pleasing: 1) high landing and clearance; 2) back-up camera; 3) dynamic; 4) adaptive box; 5) the roomy interior; 6) sensor of blind spots; 7) price; 8) consumption; 9) aerodynamics.

Deficiencies (not without them, although they are not critical): 1) there is no heating of the windshield; 2) there is no active cruise control; 3) it is not equipped with mechanics, robot or a variator.

In addition, you can also do the tuning and equip it with the turbine. This will reduce the fuel consumption, will add dynamics and will be cheaper than if you take the sports version.