Car Hyundai Elantra Sedan - A Modern and Unpretentious Car

Hyundai Elantra is a beautiful, modern, reliable, reasonably powerful and unpretentious car. It is a perfect car for a city, but going in the nature for fishing, hunting or simply on picnic is complicated due to small clearance.

Road performance of the car is good and it simply “floats”; control is good, but not great. At high speeds the car behaves with dignity, overtaking on the track does not cause any problems.

The body design is very beautiful, although the paintwork could be better. The salon is very comfortable and spacious, with cozy and soft seats. The dashboard is not ultra-modern, but quite decent, the blue internal light is quite pleasant. The luggage compartment is very roomy, simply huge. It should be noted that the engine starts well in low temperatures.

The steering is done by using electric power steering system. Steering wheel turns easily, in the city the drive is just lovely.

Summarizing, in general, the car is not bad, qualitatively assembled, convenient, comfortable, and with soft suspension. With normal operation and maintenance, the car won’t cause any problems.