Car Hyundai ix35 Crossover – Good Value for Money

Hyundai ix35 is comfortable to drive both for a man on a different road surface and for a woman on urban asphalt. In winter and summer the car behaves equally well (with a properly chosen tires). This car attracts not only with appearance but also with its driving characteristics.

Hyunday ix35 is equipped with diesel engine 2.0 l of 180 hp., in winter it doesn’t freeze. Acceleration to 100 km/h is in about 9.8 seconds. The maximum speed of this four-wheel drive car is 195 km/h.

There are parking sensors, a rearview camera and navigator. The interior is very comfortable, half plastic half leather. Heated seats for a front passenger and driver - 2 phase; for the rear passengers - 1 phase.

Automatic transmission can be switched to 7-mechanics. Separate climate control for the front passenger - is good, but the rear passengers do not have it at all. Button Start/Stop - starts and cuts of the engine.

The design inside the car is impressive, especially at night, the whole cabin shimmers with blue lights. The glove box has cold air, so in long trips, it can be used as a refrigerator. In the trunk there is a lot of space. The design of the speedometer and tachometer is nice. Between the speedometer and tachometer there is a panel that shows: the time, fuel consumption, average speed, trip distance, total mileage and so on. Gasoline indicator is in the middle of the speedometer. Everything is very nice, symmetrical and compact. The steering wheel is small enough, and can be adjusted.