Car Hyundai Solaris Sedan – Good Car for Good Price

The main advantages of the car are: bright design, good sound insulation, powerful engine, and the price.

Hyundai Solaris is a very bright and dynamic car with unique design and beautiful fog lamps with cheeky look that attracts attention of passers-by.

Externally, the car does not seem to be large but the ergonomics of the cabin is very good, even back passengers feel fine, the only minus is the low roof, and tall people will not feel very comfortable there. Externally, the interior looks good despite the use of hard plastic. The front panel is original, modern and beautiful.

The initial price of the car is $16,000 to $21,000 dollars. The car is presented in 6 versions, with two engines: 1.4l capacity of 107 hp and 1.6l capacity of 123 hp. In the base version there is a full electric package, heated front seats, heated mirrors and electric rear window, air conditioning, two airbags, audio in 4 speakers and antenna. In more expensive versions there is bluetooth, the engine starts without a key, and much more.

The car is rather frisky, to 100km it accelerates in 10 seconds. The engine works very quietly, there is a good sound insulation in the cabin. The only disadvantage is poor insulation of wheel arches.