Ford EcoSport - Cute Crossover

The car looks quite nice though it has an interesting not familiar appearance for Ford: high hood with lots of space under it, with no lid covering the engine), large mirrors, spare wheel on the rear door, handle to open the tailgate is mounted to the back of the headlight unit, short base, not smooth and unfamiliar lines of the body.

At first glance, the car seems to be somehow chopped off and shortened. Such compact SUV has very high clearance. But when you sit down in the cabin you change your mind, it is quite roomy ... with a loose fit of the driver, and the back seat passenger is not constrained in the movements.

The instrument panel has simple low-cost multimedia system with the budget hard plastic, without any soft inserts on the dashboard and on the door (by the way the door is very heavy), though the seats are made very good: soft, comfortable, and with lateral support.

The car starts quite rapidly and playfully: good handling, comfortable suspension, excellent sound insulation, on the road it behaves well.

The presence of all-wheel drive means the only possible equipment with a lightweight two-liter engine family Duratec MI4 (SYDA), working together with a six-speed manual transmission MMT6, having all the gear synchronizers.