Ford Fiesta 2015-2016 - the Most Affordable of the Ford Line

The main pros of the car are dynamism, soundproofing, ride quality, good responsiveness and handling, reasonable price, innovation, a lot of functions.

First impression: oddly enough it is not noisy and in winter is absolutely amazing, the car looks very decent. The car starts with a noble roar of the four-cylinder 1.6 liter petrol engine of 120 hp. Fiesta accelerates quickly, loudly and with stunning accuracy, acceleration in 8.5 seconds. It has six-speed automatic.

The car is positioned as a five-seater, but in fact the back seat is enough for two regular passengers and one very small, however legroom is enough for everyone.

Stylish and comfortable instrumental panel with soft-touch, textured soft plastic, it looks great and gives the car some special coziness, especially with bright blue backlight buttons, the red illumination of the jockey box and cup-holders in the center console, and all sorts of green-yellow-blue LEDs backlighting on IP-cluster.

In addition, the car is stuffed with standard audio system, climate-control system (single-band), rain sensor, blind spots, reverse, front and side airbags, automatic folding mirrors.

Despite its frivolous size the Fiesta does not fit the definition of “women’s car”, as it is man-stylish and powerful. Some would say that for the same money you can buy Focus or Sorrento, but you should decide whether you need space or agility and power.