Ford Kuga - a Great Crossover for All Occasions

Ford Kuga is a beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality car, with excellent engine and undercarriage. The Germans have managed to make a car with very nice, comfortable, cozy interior and well adapted to any roads. Ford Kuga is a very reliable car, diesel engine in winter at -30 degrees starts without problems. Although the car itself is heavy, the engine size is enough both for city traffic as well as for the country drive.

The diesel engine is very high quality and also economical. Average fuel consumption: in city 9-12 liters per 100 kilometers, out of town - 8-9 liters per 100 km. But it should be noted that the fuel consumption depends on driving style of the driver.

It has the manual gearbox and the shifter is high near the front of the console, which makes the switch more pleasant. Front panel and door trim is made of hard plastic. It looks very nice, stylish and modern. Everything is in its place, nothing in excess.

The work of the air conditioner in conjunction with heated wind screen is just good. Climate-control is very powerful and fully satisfies the desire. Besides, it has very comfortable and proper distribution of air.

A good transformation of the rear seats to the floor is also worth mentioning, it can even be 60/40.

To summarize, the car boasts with its German quality and satisfactory pricing policy.