Ford Ranger Pickup Truck - a Good Workhorse

Among the main advantages of the car it is worth noting: high seating, comfortable for the driver, a large volume of a pickup box, and good off-road performance. The disadvantage is the following: it's hard to park it in an urban area.

The car is good in off-road conditions and is well-controllable on the autobahn, it is very economical for its body type, fuel consumption at speed of 90 km/h is just 8 liters per 100 km. It retains its economy more or less to 120-130 km/h, if the speed is higher it really “eats” a lot, the car accelerates to 170 km/h.

The driver seat is comfortable, control instruments are in the area of ​​accessibility, so it is very convenient to travel for long distances, the car is pretty comfortable.

The rear passengers’ seats are very small and uncomfortable, but the purpose of this car is not to carry passengers, so it can’t be attributed to great disadvantages of the car. As for driving in the city, it is a little bit difficult due to the size of Ranger Pickup. For somebody it may be very difficult to park the car in tight spaces, as you sit high and can’t see anything below; well, of course you will get used to it with time.