Honda CR-V Crossover - a Wonderful City and Family Car

By design, Honda CR-V is very pretty: a predatory face and calm back, on the side it looks harmonious. The cabin of the car is comfortable and convenient. The seats are beautiful and cozy, and the back feels great in good lateral support. The rear seats are arranged as if mounted on a raised platform. Seats move 20cm forward and backward. The trunk is large, comfortable and functional.

The front panel and door trim is made beautiful, stylish, modern, but of rigid plastic. The instrument panel is quite extravagant - tachometer and speedometer (without trendy frills), in the middle there is a big screen of computer display. Highlighting is beautiful: blue scale, white lighting and red arrows. The climate-control is dual-zone and controlled easily.

The lever of an automatic transmission is not large, is located on a ledge of the dashboard, it is very convenient and handy. The visibility is excellent in the car, rear-view mirrors are huge, you can see everything and a little more; an automatic folding is also available.

The brakes are powerful and clearly respond to the pedal, you can stop with millimeter precision. In terms of safety Honda CR-V is quite good: eight airbags, amplifiers in the body and doors.

When driving off-road the car feels quite confident. 4WD is a standard Honda system.