Honda Crosstour - Perfect Crossover

Among the main pros are: beautiful design, excellent dynamics, huge cabin, high ground clearance (200 mm), and good control on the background of a decent drive. Honda Crosstour is all-wheel drive crossover with engine capacity of 3500 cubic cm., with a capacity of 275 hp.

Leather seats are very comfortable and have a rich look, adjustable and have memory. The boarding is low – passengers feel comfortable, the back seats are roomy.

For the nearly two-ton car engine start goes unnoticed. The suspension is great, perfectly manages pits and bumps in the road. The very suspension is independent, multi-link. Automatic five-speed gearbox is wonderful, quietly goes through the transmission even at maximum acceleration.

The engine is powerful with the work of the system VCM. The VCM system allows switching off the fuel supply to two or three cylinders in the low load condition. This system is very good in terms of efficiency. Fuel consumption: city mode - 13.3 liters per 100 km., country - 9.5 liters per 100km.

The car is good for its look, comfort, quality and accuracy of the drive, it is not afraid of bad roads. It is very fast and spacious. This car is very good to everyone; however it may seem to be quite expensive in terms of the repair as the parts should be ordered.