Honda Jazz – Excellent, Compact, Fuel-Efficient Hatchback

Let’s review first of all the pros and cons of Honda Jazz. Pros: compactness, capacity, spacious ergonomic interior, reliability, fuel economy, climate control. Cons: sound insulation, dull dipped-beam headlamps.

Honda Jazz looks like a miniature and streamlined car for women, however, many of the male merely “fall into” it at a glance. The cabin deserves the excellent mark. The seats trim and interior is pleasant, and well cleaned. The seats are comfortable and the height is adjustable. The steering wheel is also adjustable in height.

The plastic is qualitative and pleasant to touch. The control panel is intuitive, and not overloaded with unnecessary buttons, and so on. Among the most frequently used buttons on the steering wheel - control of the audio system. Climate control can be adjusted easily, quickly heats/cools the interior. Rather broad front strut closes the view when turning, but it's a matter of experience, you can get used to it. The car is comfortable for tall people: there is enough space for the driver and passengers on the back seats.

The rear seats can be folded either in a proportion of 2/3 - 1/3, or flush with the floor, so you can increase the volume of the trunk. The trunk is very roomy even without folded seats, it fits baby stroller just fine.

There is one disadvantage: at high speed it becomes nosy, sound insulation is not as good. Fuel consumption in summer is 5.5 -6 l on the road, 6.5 - 7 on the combined cycle, in winter - plus one and a half to these figures.

The car holds the road well, does not swing, and is frisky enough for the city drive. In general, this is a great car for a young family: compact outside, spacious inside, nice-looking and inexpensive to maintain, at the same time very robust.