Honda Pilot Crossover - Great SUV with All-wheel Drive

Honda Pilot is eight seat all-wheel drive SUV. The interior is roomy and spacious, you can carry in it whatever you want. On the road it behaves excellent at any speed. Despite such a huge appearance of Pilot, the drive is just a pleasure. When you sit behind the wheel you do not feel that you drive such a large object, the car is very soft and agile, the edge of the hood is clearly visible, and so the car and the drive are felt well.

If you compare Honda Pilot with Range Rover and Chevrolet Tahoe, the Honda is more stable on the road. Range and Tahoe on sharp turns tilt slightly and Honda does not. It is easy to perform abrupt maneuvers, in spite of its size and capacity.

The pedals in Honda are moderately soft and pressed easily. On Honda Pilot you shouldn’t be afraid to drive on ice and snow, there is traction control (ABS), and you can switch on the additional winter mode.

The interior of the passenger compartment can be changed periodically, that is, black inserts on the dash, doors, shift knob, can be changed to wooden inserts. Inside the cabin there is no square sharp corners. Honda Pilot is a great option for the long journey.

The car has 257 horsepower and brutal masculine look. To give even greater brutality to the car you can put a so-called “muzzle” of chrome-plated steel.