Hyundai Genesis Sedan – the Case when the Filling and Quality are More Expensive than the Price

Generally Genesis looks just like Bentley, and the car doesn’t show its belonging to the Hyundai brand. Externally - expensive, solid, and nice to look at. In principle, it can take its rightful place in the premium class for quite sane money. For example, BMW and Mercedes with the same characteristics and a complete set are significantly more expensive.

Interior is fully compliant with requirements of this class of cars. All alone and every detail in particular are made of quality materials and fit together perfectly.

The vehicle is designed not only for comfort of the driver, the rear seats are even more comfortable, which confirms that this car is a representative class.

The three-liter engine with 249 hp is not heard at all, and it is almost perfect. The car is stuffed with lots of electronics; although, sometimes, especially when driving in cramped conditions, active safety system begins to disturb. For example, the system of monitoring blind spots when driving in heavy city traffic exhausts with its constant squeaking.

Such advantage as the suspension tuning on the most comfortable drive on a bad road becomes a bold minus, on the bumps the car starts to float and sway. Four-wheel drive in the premium segment is not uncommon. BMW and Mercedes have also such models; the question is how much they cost.