Hyundai i30 Hatchback - High Quality Koreans

The sporty design of the exterior is pretty interesting, something from European and Korean. Headlights illuminate brightly and add a fancy look. The rear passengers doors open wide and close soft. The dimensions of the car allow parking easily. It has large side mirrors, thus the visibility is good.

The interior is very spacious and high-quality, without saggy parts. The driver's seat is very comfortable, with adjustable height and lumbar support. The steering wheel is also adjustable. As in Hyundai Solaris it has auto light switch when you start the engine, especially good for forgetful drivers.

The instrument panel has bright white backlight, which can be adjusted. For the rear passengers, there are air ducts under the front seats. Driver’s and passengers’ safety is high: pillows and curtain airbags.

The trunk is medium in size, but if you fold the rear seats, it is 1250 liters. Road performance - suspension is harsh. On potholes - annoying, but on a good road is pleasing. When entering the turns it doesn’t tilt, the control of the car is good, the ground clearance is 15 cm.

Hyundai i30 has excellent brakes and sound insulation, the engine is almost inaudible, but the tires still make some sound. On reverse at night the lights illuminate the space pretty good. The fuel consumption on the highway is about 7-8 liters, in the city 9-10 liters per hundred. In general the car is pretty good in response, safety and comfort.