Hyundai i40 Sedan - Great Car with Good Aerodynamics

If you see this car in front for the first time you will undoubtedly say that this is Sonata or Solaris, but at rear look you'll be pleasantly surprised. Rough, bold rear appearance lures you to drive it at once.

The cabin is offered in 3 complete sets - Comfort, Active, Advance. As stated earlier, the car in the form of a sedan resembles “Sonata” but looking more closely, you will realize that it is quite another “beast” that stands out on the road. The aerodynamics is great due to the construction and the suspension is perfectly suited for different roads; mirrors are large and convenient.

Considering the maintenance you can choose diesel (1.7 - 150 hp) or gasoline (2.0 - 150 or 178 hp, 1.6 - 150 hp) with 6-speed automatic (tiptronic), which works perfectly (if you do not look at the tachometer, it seems that you move at 1 speed).

The car is very nice not only outside but also inside: aluminum inserts, nice lights, leather steering wheel, nice display, speakers and a lot of space both at the front and on the back.

In dangerous moments, which need a sharp start or hard braking, the car boasts with good performance. The car is absolutely suitable for all generations, both quiet drive and sport drive with emotions.