Kia Ceed New - Successful Restyling of Hatchback

One of the most popular models in the C-Class segment Kia Ceed only recently appeared in a new form.

And what is the most interesting; the new car has no similarities with its predecessors and all because its silhouette resembles the phantoms of the nearest competitors. If you visually cut the corners of headlamps, it looks like the fifth series of the BMW, exactly the same upper frosted eyelids, evil eye. On the rare look the car is very harmonious and attractive. Interesting feature: “build-up” rearview camera on the trunk lid may confuse the owner, who will think that it is a key to its opening.

Due to the fact that the car is a bit stretched in length and height, the developers were able to add useful space in the trunk, in the previous version it was three hundred and forty liters, now it is three hundred and eighty liters. If you fold the back seats you will get usable area of one thousand three hundred and eighteen liters. The angle of the seats is anatomically perfect, and it is comfortable to drive even a thousand kilometers.

It is clear that the most interesting place in the vehicle is the driver’s seat. By the way the doors open easily and quickly and gently close. For sure even people who don’t understand about cars will say that the architecture of the front panel deserves a separate discussion. The secret lies in the exact orientation to European tastes; the plastic is soft. The audio system is not bad; there is a Bluetooth protocol to connect to the phone to communicate with free hands.

The steering wheel has the optimum thickness and is very comfortable in the hand. To the left and below the instrument panel there is a power button heating the steering wheel. Steering has three degrees of electric amplifier progressiveness, which can be changed by pressing the buttons on the steering wheel. For example Comfort mode allows you to turn the steering wheel with one finger; Norm and Sport steering wheel is heavier. The roof in the car is panoramic with the movable section.

Under the hood there is an engine with volume of 1.6 liters capacity of 130 horsepower and a torque of 157 nm, with it in a pair works six-speed hydro-mechanical automatic.

The fuel-consumption in the combined cycle with air-conditioning is about seven liters; and even with a very active driving it is hard to raise the number to ten liters.