Kia Rio Sedan - an Interesting Car in its Class

Speaking about the exterior of Kia Rio, we can say that the car is very good for its class; simple eye-catching design. The car looks slightly more expensive than its real value.

The cabin is comfortable, trimmed with quality materials, and assembled well. The dashboard is usual with white illumination and red arrows. The whole thing looks pretty cute. The driver's seat is adjustable by height and moves back and forth, allowing comfortable drive for long distances. On the rear seats the situation changes slightly, only two passengers can sit with comfort.

Like many of today's cars it automatically activates the light at start. The trunk is certainly big - 500 liters, it is enough for a number of things. The rear passenger seats are folded 60/40, which is quite convenient.

Engine 1.4 l with 107- horsepower is one of the strongest in its capacity. When driving fast, the engine at 6,000 thousand rate works cheerfully and in quiet drive 2500 rev/min is enough. It accelerates to 200 km/h., but without difficulty it drives at 120 km/h. Fuel consumption: city, especially in traffic jam 8-8,5 l, out of town it is significantly reduced to 5-6 liters.

Kia Rio Sedan has 5-speed manual transmission, which switches the gears clearly. The brakes are perfect. In cold weather it starts well, and only below 30C it starts to slow down. The cabin is heated quickly and it is warm enough. There is also air duct for the rear passengers.