New Hyundai Tucson 2016 Updated Crossover

Korean company Hyundai unveiled a new model of Hyundai Tucson with larger radiator grille, new form of headlights and updated boot lid. Also, the new Hyundai received a new front and rear bumper. The front bumper is equipped with fog lamps and LED DRL sections.

Unlike its predecessor, the Hyundai ix 35, model Hyundai Tucson differs primarily in appearance. The designers of the Korean company decided to make the model more suitable for modern design requirements. Now SUV seems a little larger than its predecessor. The guise of the updated car is sportier and the headlights are arrow-shaped. The geometry of the headlights is very well matched by the segments of bumper fog lights. The external appearance of the car is very swift and stylish, which can please the modern customer, who appreciates not only the internal characteristics of the car, but also its appearance.

In addition, the new Hyundai Tucson 2016 is upgraded with modern systems, such as: navigation Tom-Tom system, automatic parking system, a tracking system for road markings and the “Blind” zones, autonomous complex braking with three modes: “pedestrian”, “city”, and “route”.

The cabin is also changed, and designed with the usage of expensive materials, such as leather. The instrument panel has become digital, multimedia system has a touch screen, there are heated and ventilated front seats. The cabin has become more spacious, but the luggage compartment was reduced to 513 liters (the previous model had a 591). It is also worth noting that Hyundai Tucson got a keyless entry system in salon and contactless opening of the tailgate. Dimensions: 4475 mm - length; 1850 mm - width; 1645 mm - height; 2690 mm - wheelbase; 185 mm - clearance.