The New Hatchback Infiniti Q30

The new Infiniti car has received a number of design features. The vehicle belongs to both classes: hatchback and the class of crossovers. The exterior of a car is based on the Etherea concept car, which was introduced back in 2011. The bold, futuristic design of the car was highly appreciated a few years ago, but it was implemented only recently. A new type of vehicle is markedly distinguished among the other competitor cars, including the new products of 2015. The appearance plays an important role for the modern buyer, and the decision to implement the concept design is an excellent method of attracting customers.

Many of the specifications, as well as the dimensions of the car and interior design, were kept secret. It is known that the new product is based on MFA of the Mercedes-Benz company. Infiniti Q30 is presented with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a diesel engine; both motors have high levels of environmental performance. Production of the car is carried out in the UK factory in Sunderland. The approximate number will be about 60 000 cars a year.